As simple as polishing your shoes

I read an article recently on preparing our kids for extinction.

While some of the article I did not agree with I did agree with the idea that the feeling of we are too small to do any good rang home as true to me.

The movies, our culture everything looks for a silver bullet a great leader a great philanthropist. Some one bigger wiser better than me.

Sorry no hero to come along and save you that is in your own hands. The acts you do each day multiplied by the billions will either save you and your children’s future or damn it.

As I have children it is something I contemplate often.

So stop waiting and just do.

For me polishing my work shoes and my daughters school shoes is one of these simple acts.

If every western person bought quality shoes and polished or paid for them to be polished and their shoes lasted 50% long this would have a positive impact on the world.

I am no fool know people buy them for fashion for status for a bunch of reasons other than to walk in so let’s just say 5% do it multiplied out that is a lot of resources saved.

For now I polish my daughters shoes, in time she will learn this. She needs to even with the best I can do at teaching her she is used to if it breaks I just get a new one. That is the mantra of the world she lives in.

In time like all children of her generation she will need adaptive resilience. Darwin was well aware of the fact it was not the biggest, smartest, most aggressive of a species that survived it was the ones who could adapt the most effectively.

Teaching her this and my own actions are the biggest gift I can give her and her generation.




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