It is going to be a long trip back from the edge.

I wrote about polishing my daughters and my shoes yesterday. I did this on that night because it was to be followed by the madness of a business trip.

As I have discussed the life I have is a hybrid life (read I am working out how to get of the stupid go round). I used to travel a lot for work now I am lucky I only rarely have to.

To a degree this was a good bad trip. It was a less than gentle reminder of the madness of the world that is the current business paradigm.

Up at 5:30am and out the door at 6:30am. Driven to the airport by migrant taxi driver who probably earns less than minimum wage for the hours he works even though the trip was the equivalent value to the amount of money we would spend on petrol for a week if we stay in Melbourne. Most of the money goes to the cost of a license and the monopoly system that can drive these kinds of wages.

To the airport. Check in and the madness of waste begins. Courtesy of the fear that pervades the world post terrorist acts everything is disposable and expensive. Again prices are high but lots of young people on the casual go round do the serving. Again the money goes to the airport corporations and governments who control it.

On the plane. More disposable items (most made from plastic and too small to efficiently recycle)

A weeks’ worth of fuel used up for our car per passenger on the way up.

Off the plane more taxi fares as above but a different city.

Meeting for 7 hours with a company that ships items from all over the world to Australia (admittedly they also have a large R&D facility here and the items are not something we can easily make here in Australia)

Back across city as above.

Into the airport. More disposables and same structure of casualization of the work force. Lots of tired burnt out souls in business suites wandering around looking for something to fill in their time and keep the amused. So buying crap basically.

Back on the plane and more disposables and more fuel.

Back to Melbourne and another taxi ride (same as the others) to get me home at 9:30pm

This is the life style so many aim for and yes this was a very productive meeting that reduced several weeks of back and forth to a single day of meetings. How anyone can see this as a romantic job option is beyond me (but then again I did once) let alone the staggering cost to the world of this day times the tens of thousands of people in this country or the millions worldwide every day

The whole process is highly exploitive. I was probably the least exploited in the process and in the end I had to work a 15 hour day!

So does this mean I throw my hands in the air and give up and not polish my shoes, not barter duck eggs for chiro treatment like my wife did yesterday, or go foraging for some figs on a tree I saw in a vacant block when I got of the train last week? Or work on the gift economy?

Maybe I could stop the feeds that show me how bad things are getting with plastic in the oceans or buy a second car with debt so I don’t have to see the exploitive nature of the taxi industry and can drive myself to the airport?

In the end it is none of these things it is a day of perspective and it is simply a reminder of the fact my hybridisation process needs to speed up.

In time, this short period we live in now will be seen as                 oddity, an epoch of unsustainability, and aberration of how we should treat people.

How do I know this? Because if it is not and we continue on like this then no one is going to look back on anything!

Off to collect the duck eggs before I go to work.


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