2013 in review

It has been a busy and generally good year.

Admittedly a few more posts would have been good on the blog but we do what we can do.

Tomorrow is a new day and the start of new volume of life called 2014. 365 blank pages. Make of them the best you can and enjoy.

A safe and happy new year to you all.

I am cheating and using the wordpress blog 😉 today

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Of Lemons and Lemonade

As I sit here with the sweet smell of dill and peppermint tea with honey I am even more philosophical than normal at present. I write this post with the backdrop of a friend whose son is very ill and anytime that anything comes up I am off course drawn to the conclusion that my worst day has little comparison to this little boy’s parent’s days. Little can compare to a children’s health so it is easier for me to be philosophical of the bumps in the road that life throws up.

So with more of hippie view than a not urban hippie I look on a day that may have looked like it would give me lemons but in fact gave me lemonade.

On Thursday morning as we charged around in the morning (as parents with children in crèche and full time jobs tend to do) I asked the innocent question.

‘Honey where did the bike trailer go …’

The previous evening I had run home the kids in the trailer from crèche as A. had something on and had parked it under our car port as I had done for the last 12 month and herded the kids inside. A. saw it at 9:30 when she got home and the next morning all gone…

ip-2- 329-2000

We did a quick search of the neighborhood but no bike trailer our neighbors had some vandalism on their front lawn but other than that all quiet …

Now for us apart from being worth over $400 it is essentially our second car so we need this with the kids in case we have to do a pickup and the other person has the car. What a PIA …

So I had a couple of choices get annoyed (insurance with the excess and no claim means we would be out of pocket claiming). Instead I decided to just get on, ring my friend who runs a bike store in the city I originally came from and get another (making sure I store the next one in my back yard 🙂 ). So today I did the run up to grab this.

It was a lovely day sun shining kids had a snooze in the car on the way up. Picked up some local fruit and veg, honey and even homemade salami from a stall on the side of the road chatted to the man running it for a while then headed on my way.

Caught up with my friend who runs the bike store and had a long chat with him. This is a family run store and it was good to catch up with my friend we get to chat too little over time as life gets busier.

From there we headed to my god parents who are in there late 80’s and it is ALLWAYS good to catch up with them and the kids to interact with them. We visit them less often than we should but as often as we can. I have been blessed by these people they have seen the worst and best of life and as god parents where an amazing example to me.

Then we headed to my parents via a little place I noted on the way that sold spices.

visit_to_Smeaton_30-Nov-13- 022-2000

In place like Ballarart having somewhere that sells spices of this quality was amazing to me but a good sign that the redneck city I grew up in changing for the better. Bike stores and a culture of riding, good food stores, local food well it is a start of change for the better.

visit_to_Smeaton_30-Nov-13- 002-2000

The time spent with my parents on their place is always good the kids run around with Pa and Nana we visited my old primary school up the road. It sadly is having the life sucked out of it and will be closed in 3 weeks’ time (a story on that another time).

I commented as I helped pick a half 20 liter a bucket of peas of a row of peas about 20 feet long that my poor little tub of peas was not really in the race. My father pointed out that he has amongst the best soil in the world to grow stuff and 40 plus years of working with it not against it and my own garden would in time would be far more productive than it is now.

 visit_to_Smeaton_30-Nov-13- 011-2000

visit_to_Smeaton_30-Nov-13- 013-2000

We had a simple meal with them bathed the kids and headed back. It took me about an hour to sort out the stuff I had from parents, chutney’s, plants, herbs, broad beans and a ton of peas to be podded.

visit_to_Smeaton_30-Nov-13- 020-2000

visit_to_Smeaton_30-Nov-13- 023-2000

So from a day where I had no plans to head up least of all to replace an item I would prefer not to replace (or have stolen) we had a great day. A really good day.

Don’t get me wrong I am far from impressed that the trailer was stolen we could do with that cash for work we are doing on making our house more sustainable but getting down in the dumps will not help.

Battening down the hatches looking askance at my neighbors will not help. Letting the system get to me and running back to a second car and locking out the world will not help.

The very likely scenario of the person who took this is that the system is at much at fault as they are, whether it be the needs the money for drugs or just because he needs to keep up with the joneses it is the same the lack of community that allows it and leads to it. Hiding back in the system as the system would like is not the answer. What the answer is I have some ideas but not all.

I can at least be in charge of my own mind and make sure I am in charge of it and try not to allow the system to screw around with it too much.

Hope I can put up a few posts on things I have done and there are a lot rather than this soap box stuff.

Let see how that goes 🙂