I am usually pretty optimistic about the future of the world. I think we will get out at the other end but every so often something comes up that makes me wonder if this is really a delusional view.

The most recent example of this is a product called the honeyflow

This is a well marketed apparently convenient product to make the collection of honey easier. It backers and many of those who have made this go viral claim it will entice more people to keep bees and increase the population of bees.

It has been well received and even friends of mine have gone wow that looks so good and cool and some have even purchased them.

Unfortunately those of us who have and are keeping bees starting to see some holes in the slick video and a lack of information from the developers. But once something gets momentum it is pretty much self-fulfilling and given these guys with a slick video and an untested product where unable to raise 1.9 million dollars of their $70,000 dollar goal is testament to that.

So why does this concern me? Well I am used to the masses, massing. It is a thing our society does well. What has me concerned is that people who I would have thought would have looked at the long term appear not to be.

If even the permaculture community and those who are interested in regenerating the earth can be seduced by a simple slick marketing campaign then what hope is there?

A lot of more eloquent people have come up with the same arguments as me and put them forward more efficiently go do some research if you want.

For me this post is about two things. The list of things I believe will occur in the next few years because of this product and how it has been marketed.

But mostly it is a way as most of my posts are for me to consolidate my own thoughts and fears on the future of my children and how their planet will be affected by the lazy self-indulgent, convenience seeking generation we see here and now!

If or when I get this consolidated in my head there will no doubt be another post on it.

Effects as I See them from honey flow!

  • Increase in poorly managed hives in places such as cities and towns.
  • Increase in Disease
  • Increase in the regulation of keeping bees which will include significant regulatory hurdles and bureaucracy which will drive out people from the backyard bee keeping
  • Initial increased number of bees followed by a significant drop off of bees as feral bees and hives compete with each other to the point of starvation (this is already occurring in places like London)
  • Increase in the number of people being stung by bees and as above increase in the regulation around the keeping of bees.
  • A consumer culture of honey without the understanding of the value of the honey what it takes to get this precious product. Read the current culture on chicken production !
  • A lot of people who will put money into this and be let down when the product does not perform as per the video which will lead to a lot of people potentially being anti bee keeping (this is human nature as people do not like to see others succeed where they have failed)

On the upside there will be a lot of videos of people running screaming into the house with their pile of pancakes drizzled with honey and being swarmed by several hundred bees. This is sarcasm!


I am going to post this now as my son has just got up and given me a big hug. I suppose that answers why in the end I will keep trying in my small way!