Generation Turn It On.

It occurred to me as I light our fire this morning we are now a society of turn it on.


Most days I am the first one up. It is not as cold as it used to be now we have updated the insulation in the house but it is usually chilly.

The nectre heater holds a lot of heat and I bank it down each night but in these days of cold it just cannot hold it all night. So I as soon as I am up I put on socks, a jumper and hat to keep warm and fire up the stove.

In times past this would have been the norm. I could just get up and flick on the central or the gas heater in the lounge room like most other people would do.

But I am aiming to decrease the usage of gas. Gas is now coming from non-traditional methods. i.e. fracking. This is not something I want to leave to my children. No fossil fuels and no land to grow food on. So up I get and make my little part for the world.

Each of us gets to do their little bit each day. It took a billion acts to make the world head in the direction it is going to take billion to head back in the right direction.

Turn of the light. Put on a jumper. Don’t heat up your house and then head out to work for the day. Close the door. Turn off your computer when you leave work.

It all adds up.