What is in Your Control

Been an interesting few days at the non hippie house. 

Much on the go, much to be thought of and dealt with. 

In the end I can plan and organise and try to look at those things outside of my control, but in some ways the initial response I have is the best and that is it is best to work on those things you can control. 

Loaves of bread for lunches tommorow and beans and peas to go into a garden bed I dug over yesterday. 



Unseasonably Warm.

Going to be a bit warm for the start of spring with temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) with a strong fire warning for much of our state of Victoria Australia for the next two days.

Well actually this is absolutely ridiculous we had sleet two weeks ago in the ranges near here. But that is a topic for another post (working on that)

Just friendly reminder that

  1. Some plants will need a deep water (just got in from mine) as the soil is still bone dry.
  2. Seedlings will dry out fast.
  3. Potted plants will dry out fast.
  4. Many birds will not have fully moulted so look after them with ice and possible a quick soak of water if you are home.
  5. Pets such as cats and dogs will not be used to the temperature so make sure they have cool spot and water available
  6. Livestock keep an eye on them make sure that they have enough shade and water.
  7. Worm farms can easily die off in this kind of heat. Wet blanket over them or a block of ice in them
  8. Keep YOURSELF hydrated and watch out for your family (particularly the little ones) as it will be a bit of shock.

Everyone take care please.

Buy Nothing New October 2015

So Buy Nothing New October started yesterday. A. and I have decided that we will pledge again for this.



Given how over the last few months I have had to clear out 10 cubic meters of stuff into skips this will be a cathartic process for me.

It will also be a nice break for our bank accounts which have been pummelled by the work on the back yard and granny flat.

I have enough items to keep me in projects probably till the end of the year LOL J as does A. with our room looking like a quilting store 🙂

Our main driver is that we need to reduce our impact as a collective reduce the amount of stuff we are stealing from our kids future!

We all have to try to live by the motto

Reduce then Repair then Reuse then Recycle

So why not give it a try what is the worst that could happen?