Take responsibility for your actions

This is a short post as it has been a long day and it is past midnight.

So we decided to get a new fridge. For us the decision to replace such an item is a decision we do make lightly. The issues around cost are not the major ones but the environmental impact of such a highly energy embodied item is not one too taken lightly.

The old fridge was 20 years old way too small since we are now 4.5 rather than 2. We were noting spoilage and items not being spotted as they were buried at the back till it was out of date or ruined. In addition the cost of running it was high as the seals had started to break down and overall it was costing us a lot for very little return.

So we got one.

Shiny bright and new, power efficient and easy to see and access and even better last year’s model and stock and $400 less than this year’s model which simply appeared to be a different front…


Our house is older than the time when standard doors where built. Both doors are plank built and solid. This means that it can be hit and miss to get items in the house. Add to this our stairs are quite steep and they gentleman delivering it asked for a hand to get it in.

As you can guess about the comment of the doors the inevitable happened and the bright shiny new thing ended up in with a minor scratch on the door.

The guy delivering it went white.

Relax was our comment. I helped you get it in, I am responsible as you are and with the kids it would probably be dented and scratched in the first week.

So he left and we really never thought about it anymore.

I asked my wife about the driver’s reaction and she said that many people would have lost it. Why the item still works the amount of items on it already you can barely see the shiny new stainless steel for kid’s drawings and fridge magnets.

It may seem odd that we who consider such a an items purchase so closely would say whatever but at the end of the day we would hate to see an item like this returned under such a circumstance as it would probably be junked. And as stated it has NO material impact on the item.

So we probably made some feel better for the day with our reaction. I think if we are to move forward people need to take some stock of what is important and of their own responsibility. As I said I was involved in moving it blaming someone else for this is not right, fair or reasonable.

From an environmental view people need to take ownership of what they are doing positively or negatively. At the end of the day you will make your choices but at least acknowledge your actions and don’t hide from them. If we all did this we would be on a path to a better future for our kids.

Time for sleep