Never too Old to Start Something New.

So I had to head into work for an update to a system and was bemoaning this and the fact that the day I would get in lieu is going to be spent tearing apart the back yard I have worked on for the last 8 years. More on that latter.
I headed down to get the few items I needed from the farmers market first and got chatting to Maria a lady who is my go to person for fruit and veg. I usually look at what she has pick up anything she doesn’t have from other vendors and then head back and finish up with her and her husband’s stall.
She was telling us this might be her last time at the market as she is starting up a restaurant in the small town she comes from. Nothing fancy quite small all based around the produce they grow or the local produce from around her region. No menu just whatever is in season or she feels like cooking that is what is there to be bought.
This is an idea I have often thought of with my wife and another good friend has stated the same thing many years ago.
Maria said to me have to try now otherwise I will be too old (she is in her mid 50’s I would say) to try. I don’t want regret not having tried.
I know a number of people who have made these decisions recently and to me it strikes me having a bit of midlife crisis at 45 and watching the shenanigans of my work that this is perhaps something I need to look at. I am seeing far too many terrified people who are worried about this and jobs, financial market, housing bubbles etc. and with good reason.

But they are (and me) are missing out on taking a risk and trying something.

We are currently looking at my parents in law setting up in our back yard in granny flat. (hence the ripping apart my backyard comment) to me this is the destruction of a place I had started to get productive but it is also a chance to refocus.

Recently I have been focusing in on the negative of this happening. I am aware that an extra generation will add extra resilience to us but it took the chat with Maria reminded me that this a chance to get things moving.
The extra support will help and a lot of the back yard is underutilised with a LOT and I mean a LOT of project part done. This has left it looking messy and cluttered and less productive than it could be.
So it is time to remap the yard. Clean up (may mean a skip ) and work out what we want to do and what we want to support.
It has also focused me in on what I want to do once the gig at corporate is up. I do not want to be one of the many scared that their existence will end. What do I want to do?
It is odd that it is this time of year that refocusses me I had similar thoughts back in May 2012. Again I am feeling like a member of the spooked herd and it is time to decide if that is what I really want. Or not! I guess NOT!
Enough said time to get busy clearing up.